Item System configuration
Solar Panel 1. Model No: 250W 24v Poly/mono
2. Panel size:1547*983*50/1448*983*35mm
3. Cell type: high-efficient polycrystalline Silicon Cell
4. Max output 34.4 V5.8A
5. Max out Power:250Watt ±3%
6. Package method: toughened glass+EVA+TPT laminated
7. Accessory: aluminium alloy frame, junction box
8.Weight per 20Kg
D C Lighting junction box 1. connection between the simplified PV array and  controller
2.Protect the controller
3. A wid range of DC input volatage
4.Lighting proection
5.Life span: 10 years


Solar Inverter with controller Model No: SY-5KW
1.       Input volatage:96VDC
2.       Rated output voltage:10KWatt
3.       Working time 24 hours
4.       wave form:Pure sinewave
5.       output voltage:220±10%
6.       Frequency:50/60Hz(optional)
7.       Inverter efficiency: 92%
8.       Model No: SY-80A
9.       Rated working voltage:96V
10.   Max. Charging current:≤00A
11.   Overvoltage warning voltage:57.6V
12.   Lowvoltage warning:21v
13.   temperature compensation:-3mV/C/Cell
14.   Static power consumption:≤45mA
15.   connecting Wire setion:10mm2
Battery maintenance free lead acid battery
Net Weight:76KG/PCS
other accessories 2.Dedicated cable 4mm2 100m
3.Dedicated cable 10mm2 100m


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